What are you doing in Bonn?

Like DW’s new TV station, this part of the bonn.community site uses the English language to reach out to the non-German speaking community here in Bonn. I know there’s a lot of you out there. (Ever been on a bus to DW or UN!)

I see Bonn.community as mainly aimed at digital creatives in the area. That’s those that work/play with online media including social media, website creation, SEO, online activism, software development, online marketing, digital arts and the like. I see it as the bridge between the Bonn Barcamps that started this year, but we’ll see how it develops over time.

In the 13 years I’ve been in Bonn iIve worked purely in Internet-related jobs and for the last 10 years running my own online businesses. Over those years I’ve seen big growth in the number of internet/digitally related groups, meetings and conferences here. At the DW Global Media Forum this week it was a clear three days of talk related to digital media.

The online world is now touching everyone and those of us in the business need to stay tuned to new developments. Bonn.community is a good way of doing it.

My name is Chippy, i’m a blogger and web developer with expertise in mobile computing solutions, website creation and online security and i’m one of the admins on bonn.community. If there’s anything I can do to help you in this area, let me know.

Over to you. What are you doing in Bonn?

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Look, @Chippy, maybe this could be an interesting article for you and other international people in Bonn, who like to go for a hike: Andreas Beer describes some nice tours in Bonn: https://medium.com/@tueksta/6-things-to-do-when-in-bonn-3cdda40a545b#.1ipyvklmt

Welcome to Bonn, welcome from Bonn,

I’m John, political science and literature student covering fashion & design at Everyday Excellence on Facebook and also working for BIMUN/SINUB e.V. an international non-profit organising Model UN.

So if you’re either interested in design or international politics contact me or check out the provided projects.

Best wishes